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How to Deal With an Auto Recall

Auto Maintenance Tips for Busy Moms by Rx Auto Repair 630-443-8500


If you watch the news at all, then you’ve probably seen announcements of car manufacturers issuing recalls, sometimes affecting millions of vehicles. For many St. Charles area residents, there could be a sense of fear that your vehicle is now unsafe to drive. To help with this fear, it’s important to understand what a recall is and what you need to do should you receive a recall notice. Read more…

Women Friendly Auto Repair in St Charles IL
Car problems are one of the main areas that can make women squirm. Most women have had at least one time in their lives when they have dealt with a mechanic or technician that was less than honest. There are horror stories all around the web about women who have been taken advantage of with made-up problems, bills that were double what men would pay, and so many more that it can make your head spin. For the majority of women out there, having to deal with any type of auto repair can mean a lot of stress, even for something minor. In fact, most women will have a husband, brother, father, or friend go with them to an auto repair shop to ensure that they have a better experience. Read more…

St Charles auto repair winter preparation special

When Fall hits in St Charles IL, everyone starts to pull out winter clothing, decorations, and get ready for rain, snow, and ice. We cover plants, leave faucets dripping so pipes don’t freeze, we bring animals inside, and we make sure that our heaters are all working perfectly; but what do you do to get your car ready for winter? No matter where you live, you want to be prepared for colder weather and have your car ready before it hits. Here is a great checklist that you can use to be sure that your car, truck, van, or SUV is ready for anything that Mother Nature can throw at it: Read more…

Tire Repair Shop in St Charles IL

Most Moms are always on the go. That’s why getting a flat tire can really throw a wrench into their day. Whether it is picking up the kids at school or getting home from work, you need your car to perform at its best – each and every day. But don’t despair! Here are some things to do if you think you’ve got a flat tire:


Get out of the car and feel the tire. See if you can find the leak. Sometimes you can notice a puncture, where you have run over a nail or something else that would puncture your tire. Feel your tire compared to the other tires, does it feel about the same?


Try listening for the flat too. Now this wont work if you have a small puncture. But if you’ve really got a flat, sometimes you can hear a “hissing” sound coming from the tire. Stay close to the tire in question and listen to it for a few minutes. See if you notice anything. Read more…

Auto Maintenance Tips for Busy Moms by Rx Auto Repair 630-443-8500

Busy Moms: 3 Tips to Keep Up with Car/Auto Maintenance


The Moms of yesteryear were often seen with an apron, in the kitchen. But probably when our kids look back on their childhood, they will have many memories of us picking them up at school, fun activities or trips in the car. Today’s Mom is quite often behind the wheel.


You know how much your family counts on your car to take them to school, soccer and that fun theme park. Everyone knows it is important to keep up with car maintenance, but often it is difficult to imagine being without the car for a day, or even part of the day. So it is so easy to put it off, push that appointment back until you realize you are weeks behind, even two or so months behind schedule yet again. How can you keep up with car maintenance? Well, we’ve got some tips for you to help stay on track. Read more…