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Engine Tune-ups

St Charles Engine Tune-Up

Your engine is the heart of your car and just like your own heart, it needs to be maintained. Moreover, just like your heart, your engine’s connection with the car keeps every other part working. Considering its importance, it’s key to proper vehichle maintenance to get an engine tune-up every once in a while.

Top Engine Tune-up and Repairs in St Charles

Every 30,000 miles, it’s important you take your car in for an engine tune-up. Here is a look at the top engine tune-up repair services provided at Rx Automotive.

  • Spark plug tuning, repair and replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Distributor and rotor assessment, repair and replacement
  • Oil replacement
  • Battery check and replacement
  • Clutch repair and replacement
  • Belt repair, tuning and replacement
  • Ignition tuning
  • Coolant flushing and replacement
  • Valve adjustment, repair and replacement
  • PCV checking, adjustment, repair and repair


Top Engine Tune-up Warning Signs
Even though most people wait for 30,000 miles, there are chances that your engine requires a tune-up before that. Here is a look at the top warning signs, signaling you need an engine tune-up.

  • Air filter replacement
  • Engine stalling
  • Performance reduction
  • Mileage reduction
  • Engine missing
  • Abnormal noises from the engine compartment
  • Overheating
  • Electronic malfunction

Every 30,000 miles, make sure you get an engine tune-up. It ensures not only your engine, but your car works as if it is brand new. When the time comes, bring your car to Rx Automotive and we will ensure your engine is tuned to perfection. In no time at all, a symphony of mechanical movements will be running under your engine; an automobile orchestra.