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When you’re trying to find a mechanic to fix your vehicle, how do you choose the best one? What do you look for? How do you know that you are getting a mechanic that knows what they are doing? Well, there are plenty of different ways that you can check a mechanic out before you hire them; but one of the quickest ways to determine if a mechanic is good at what they do is to see if they have any certifications. One of the main certifications that you will see a mechanic display is an ASE certified mechanic. But what does that mean? Why would that make them a better mechanic? Read more…

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What to Look For When Choosing a Mechanic


My dad always liked to say, “invest your money wisely.” Like me, you may own a reliable car that you want to maintain in safe operating conditions. Repairing a reliable used car can often be a better investment than quickly replacing your used car with a newer model. You may not know if a repair is necessary, worth investing in, or whether it’s actually time to get a new car. However, an experienced car mechanic is your best ally.


Four characteristics stand out in an auto mechanic worth building a relationship with. Read more…

How to change your oil in St. Charles IL
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
― Mother Teresa

However many ripples you manage to make in your life, one thing you can easily learn to change is your oil. This easy lesson can be an excellent time and money saver.

First step: Determine how often you need to change your oil. For the most certain and trustworthy answer, consult your service manual. Or, if necessary, an authoritative reference work, such as Edmunds’, will help you know what is the best oil change schedule for your specific vehicle. Some modern vehicles possess oil life monitoring systems which are also trustworthy, accurate, and well worth your time to become familiar with.

Next up, Gather your tools and supplies. You will need: Read more…

Why Won't My Car Start? St Charles IL Auto Repair

Ever been jealous of your local mechanic, family friend, or even that good Samaritan by the side of the road who can start up your temperamental car and diagnose the problem within seconds? Much like a horse or baby whisperer, they clearly have learned a special language. Whether your car is barely starting, making strange noises, or is completely dead, here are a few basic tips to help you know what to look and listen for.

Steering Wheel Lock: First off, are you able to turn your key? In order to frustrate carjackers, your steering wheel locks in place when you remove the key. So if the key is not turning, don’t force it. Rather, try yanking lightly in either direction on the steering wheel to disengage the wheel lock. Do this as you turn the key and you’re on your way. Read more…

When Do I Need to Replace My Timing Belt? Rx Automotive 630.443.8500

Why Do I Need to Replace My Timing Belt?

A timing belt, also known as a cambelt, is a very important part of your car or truck’s engine that is responsible for its smooth functionality. The timing belt actually controls the camshafts in the engine which are present above the timing belts. The camshafts control the intake and exhaust valves in your engine so that there is a constant flow of air required for combustion. With the help of the timing belt, the cams can move in the right direction at the right time thereby controlling these valves.

Is It Necessary To Replace Your Timing Belt?

The timing belt of the car engine should be taut enough to control the movement of the pistons correctly. As months pass by and the vehicle is used repeatedly, the timing belt stretches out, cracks, derails or looses teeth and no longer fits tightly in the engine. This can result in a plethora of problems that can damage the engine of the car.

Potential Dangers Of Not Changing Your Timing Belt

When the timing belt is eroded, the timing is out of pace which can cause the valves to hit the pistons leading to serious engine problems. If the timing belt breaks, the pistons keep moving but the valves cease to function. In case you have a clearance engine in your car, the tear of timing belt causes your car to not function at all. This means you will have to end up calling a towing truck to get back to the home, or rather, the mechanic.

On other hand, if you have an interference engine, the resulting damage of a broken timing belt is far greater. The piston ends up hitting the valves causing bent pistons, rods or valves, or even broken ones. This is very hard to repair and costs a lot of money. Sometimes the damage is too expensive and the only way to fix is to replace the engine of the car! You might end up paying even more than the actual value of the car!

Therefore, the best way to avoid any of these engine issues is to make sure your timing belt is maintained.

When Should You Replace Your Timing Belt?

Take action before your timing belt fails and leaves you stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! Why wait for that final moment when extensive damage can happen to your car. There is no way to know when the belt might fail but it is best to not exceed manufacturer’s recommendations. Most car manufacturers recommend within 10% of the factory interval which falls between 60,000 miles and 100,000 miles or every four years, whichever is sooner.

Some newer car models have manufacturer recommendations up to 120,000 miles! This changing time varies from one car to the other and from one engine to the other. Be sure to check your manufacturer recommended replacement intervals and get your timing belt replaced regularly and by a certified mechanic.

At Rx Auto Repair in St Charles, IL we have all of the manufacturer timing belt change recommendations for all models. If you have any questions, need to schedule an appointment, or need a quote on changing your timing belt – we are here for you.


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