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“Where the rubber meets the road.”

This common phrase for the past 60 years is so popular because it has so many shades of meaning. Where something is put to the test, where two different things connect, when an idea gains traction, and so-on and so-forth. The general implication is that it is a time or occurrence of importance.

This is never truer than when talking about the literal rubber of your car’s tires meeting the literal roads in St Charles. Those small 4 points of contact are the most important part of any car or truck. Tires can affect your car or trucks performance in a wide variety of areas; steering, acceleration, braking, handling, ride smoothness, and even gas mileage. Read more…

Common Toyota Problems and Repairs

The Most Common Toyota Repairs and Problems

All vehicles no matter what make or model, or how old they are, are at risk for various problems and repairs. The truth is, if you are going to drive your own car, auto repairs are just part of the process. However, there are some problems that are more prevalent among certain makes and models of cars, and Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs are no different. Before I get started, let me state that Toyota has an excellent reliability record, and this article is no way meant to diminish that record. The goal of this article is to simply to list a few things that Toyota owners might want to keep an eye out for. Read more…

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St Charles Car Repair Advise

Frequently Asked Car Repair Advice

Unless you are a mechanic, or have a lot of experience working with cars, it is likely that you may be looking for some great car repair advice. While it would be impossible to answer every question you may have, there are some frequently asked questions that we can answer for you.

Below is a look at the questions we get asked the most, and their answers.

1. What should you do if the check engine light comes on?

If you check engine light comes on, it is your vehicle’s way of letting you know that there may be a potential problem with your engine. Unless you notice other problems with your car, you will probably be able to drive it for a limited time without causing too much additional damage. However, it is critical that you contact your mechanic as soon as possible to fix any repairs before it becomes a more serious problem.

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How Do I Replace My Disc Brake Pads in St Charles IL?
We all know that there is normal maintenance that has to be done on our vehicles. Oil changes, tire rotation, and fluid fills are all normal things that we do all the time. Each of these little maintenance areas on our cars keep them running for a long time. But did you know that there are other larger maintenance areas that you need to keep an eye on as well as the smaller ones? Breaks are one of the main areas that help to keep us safe when we’re on the road and they have to have normal maintenance just like the rest of your car. If they aren’t taken care of properly, they can end up a very costly repair or worse. Read more…

St Charles auto repair winter preparation special

When Fall hits in St Charles IL, everyone starts to pull out winter clothing, decorations, and get ready for rain, snow, and ice. We cover plants, leave faucets dripping so pipes don’t freeze, we bring animals inside, and we make sure that our heaters are all working perfectly; but what do you do to get your car ready for winter? No matter where you live, you want to be prepared for colder weather and have your car ready before it hits. Here is a great checklist that you can use to be sure that your car, truck, van, or SUV is ready for anything that Mother Nature can throw at it: Read more…