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How to Deal With an Auto Recall

Auto Maintenance Tips for Busy Moms by Rx Auto Repair 630-443-8500


If you watch the news at all, then you’ve probably seen announcements of car manufacturers issuing recalls, sometimes affecting millions of vehicles. For many St. Charles area residents, there could be a sense of fear that your vehicle is now unsafe to drive. To help with this fear, it’s important to understand what a recall is and what you need to do should you receive a recall notice. Read more…

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Top 3 Check Engine Light Causes

Check Engine Light Auto Repair

If you’ve ever been baffled by a check engine light coming on for seemingly no reason, you’re not the only one. Since they first started appearing in cars, the check engine light has been a common source of confusion and has best been compared to a crying baby – it’s impossible to ignore, gives you no information about what’s wrong, and can be extremely frustrating. So, what is your check engine light trying to tell you? Actually, it could be quite a few different things, but you most likely don’t have the right tools to find out for yourself. Read more…