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4 Auto Maintenance Steps to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

Auto maintenance tips to get your care summer ready in Batavia and Geneva

In the St. Charles area, the summer is synonymous with sweltering heat. While it’s also the time for going on vacations, hanging out at the beach, and spending more time with loved ones, the warmer weather can have make for some unpleasant car experiences if you’re car isn’t prepared. Before the unavoidable heat hits and you head out on your next road trip, make sure that you’ve checked off the following maintenance tasks – it will make a big difference in both your comfort and your car’s performance. Read more…

Why Your Timing Belt Needs to Be Changed

Timing belt repair in Geneva and Batavia

If you’ve taken a look under the hood of your vehicle recently, you’ve probably noticed that many components are easy to identify – the engine, transmission, and the radiator, just to name a few. What about the timing belt? You may not immediately see it (it’s hidden, so if you do see it, that’s a problem), but this small, unassuming rubber belt is actually a critical element of a properly running car. It may not have the same complexity of your engine, but you’ll certainly notice when it isn’t working properly. Read more…